Saving Social Care

Saving Social Care, now in it's second edition, is a book about solving one of the biggest challenges we face: how to provide enough quality care for an ageing society? More specifically, it gives practical help and advice to care employers on who to look for as their next frontline care employee, where to find them, how to screen them and, critically, 20 great ways of keeping them.

Saving Social Care is not a book about theory. It’s meant to be your companion as you recruit and manage your caring workforce to keep pace with rapidly growing demand. Well-thumbed and with your notes and comments in the margins.

This website contains supporting information referred to in the book.

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About The Author

About The Author

Neil Eastwood is a UK-based international speaker on frontline healthcare worker recruitment and retention.

He has spent many years studying the best practices of care recruiters around the world. Previously he was a director at a 10,000-staff care provider and studied at the University of Sheffield and Harvard Business School.

Neil is a sought-after presenter. His findings and recommendations have generated dramatic improvements in the volume and quality of frontline staff with a wide range of care providers. He presents across the UK, Europe and further afield.

His company, Care Friends, is the employee referral and reward app for the social care sector, operating in partnership with Skills for Care in the UK, Ireland and Australia. The app has be approved for use in the NHS and its sister app, Work Friends, is launching to other sectors suffering high staff turnover and recruitment challenges.

The company was awarded the 2023 King's Award for Innovation.

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